To be completely honest.. I was not a big chocolate fan before studying abroad, I’ve always been more of a spicy-sweet candy lover (I’m from México after all), but falling in love with chocolate it’s more of a secondary-effect of visiting Europe than an option, I mean how can you not?.. Switzerland and Belgium are all about THE CHOCOLATE!!

So, when I met Valentyn (the sweetest guy that totally explain to me the metro system & recommend me some places to visit) on the bus from Budapest to Vienna, one of the -must eat- things he suggested was “Sachertorte”, and I have to admit.. it was the most mouthwatering and pleasant experience I had in the city, I got engaged to chocolate in that precise moment.

I highly recommend “AIDA” a little cafe in Stephansplatz Square just in the center of the city, where you can ask for a piece of “Sachertorte” and when you’re done with the delicious treat, you must wander around the beautiful lively square, take a look at St. Stephen’s cathedral & buy tickets for a classical music concert.

Belvedere Palace is a must see.. the two buildings (Unteres & Oberes), the gardens, fountains and the extensive art collection make of the place a highlight in the city, plus it was Christmas Markets season and the mulled wine was ideal for the chilly weather.

Another impressive building in Vienna is Schönbrunn Palace, the architecture of the site and the gardens are amazing even when they are covered in light snow, the huge tree in the middle of the market make of it the most christmassy place ever, and I’m a Christmas-fanatic human being so, I was in seventh heaven! The state opera house, parliament and city hall are worth a visit too, Vienna is a city with imposing structures, splendid music and that generates a welcoming atmosphere even when it’s shivery cold outside.


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