-Prague! “The city of a hundred spires”(P.S: there’s way more than a hundred)-

This beautiful city has lots to do, from ambling around the stunning cobblestone streets to visiting St. Vitus cathedral, everything in your sight will for sure get your attention. We traveled from Vienna to Prague by night bus (awful trip!the “arda-tur” bus was extremely late, the station was closed so it was an outside wait in the freezing weather at midnight -I DO NOT RECOMMEND!), We arrived in the early morning and after having a nice breakfast we started wandering throughout the city, Prague is quite small so we just took the metro to “Wenceslas Square” and keep on walking from there, “Old Tows Square” is a must.. you’ll find the Astronomical clock and just across the square is Church of our Lady before Tyn, if you visit on Christmas season you’ll most likely to find a Christmas market full of delicious bits in the square center.

The views in Prague are just breathtaking, the gothic architecture with tall ceilings and heavy towers (that’s the reason there’s more than a 100 spires) turn almost every single building into the ideal viewpoint, “St. Charles bridge” gives you the perfect Vltava River sight, this bridge once was the principal connection between Prague’s Castle and The Old Town Square.

Just at the end of “St. Charles bridge” it’s located the Lennon Wall, to be honest I was a pretty confused, we were a long way from Liverpool! but it’s quite the colorful + artsy wall and I love colorful, so I just stopped my logic-controlfreak personality right there and took some pictures. I almost forgot to mention one of my favorite bits of the city.. the huge and elaborate classy doors, a pretty underrated feature in my opinion (I loved the doors, take a picture in a beautiful doorway please).


Lennon Wall Prague

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