-Forget where You’re from, You’re in France!-

Paris has been on my “go to” list of places for a long time, I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the city that it became a bucket list location without even trying. My roommates and I decided to make it our last stop in our Netherlands, Belgium-France trip. We arrived from Brussels by bus, it was a 4 hours journey approximately. We were very lucky with the weather, it was cold but the skies were clear & lovely blue.

At the top of our “must see” sites were The Jardins du Trocadéro & The Eiffel Tower (obviously), So, that’s where we went first thing in the morning but unless you arrive at 5am it’s going to be full of people! the sun was to high to get a good view, don’t get me wrong it was beautiful but we decided to keep on seeing the city and return later in the day at sunset time (good call), the view at sunset was awe-inspiring, the perfect combination of colors & warm light.

Michelle Mercado Paris

My days in Paris were all about walking, eating (onion soup, cheese, pastries & sweets lots of them – chocolate, macarons and truffles), & discovering some of the picture-perfect places of this alluring city. I really enjoyed the walking around part of my visit but Paris is a big city & there’s plenty of places to see that are far-apart, I highly recommend to buy the metro carnet if you plan to move around a lot, it was ideal for me.


The strolls around Paris are anything but dull! If you enjoy calm & traditional french architecture, you must wander around “Île Saint-Louis” one of my absolute favorite places! The small island is just a short walk away from Notre Dame Cathedral, surrounded by the Seine river.. it’s full of bakeries & cafes, perfect for a crepe or a delicious ice cream!

The history & intimacy of the city make Paris a real-world fantasy, totally worth the visit! (Plus the french accent is very charming).


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